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The Girls & Sports Story

In the world of "Girls & Sports," best friends Bradley and Marshall explore their mutual passion - girls - through the lens of their mutual obsession - sports. "Girls & Sports" is Bradley and Marshall's attempt to find and share some insights into a realm they can't quite decipher, while taking and offering some comfort from the world they know.

"Girls & Sports" is the creation of Justin Borus and Andrew Feinstein, friends since high school in Denver, Colorado. While spending their junior year of college "studying" abroad in Denmark, Justin and Andrew would capture their real life dating escapades in short, punchy comic strips, and distribute them to other students. Their grades suffered, but "Girls & Sports" was born.

Buy Viagra Online When they returned to America, Justin and Andrew began publishing "Girls & Sports" in their respective college newspapers, The Williams College Record and The Emory University Wheel. Soon, other colleges and universities heard about "Girls & Sports" and asked to subscribe to the strip. Their college popularity exploded, and "Girls & Sports" now appears regularly in over 75 college and university publications nationwide. The national college publication, U. Magazine has featured "Girls & Sports" as one of the hottest comic strips in the country among college students.

Driven by demand from graduating college students wanting to read the strip outside of their former college newspapers, Justin and Andrew marketed the strip to mainstream newspapers. After only six months of self-syndication, "Girls & Sports" became the most widely independently syndicated comic strip in the country when over 100 mainstream newspapers published the strip, including The New York Daily News, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the Boston and Philadelpha METRO, The Denver Post, The New Haven Register, The Albuquerque Journal, The Pasadena Star News, The Allentown Morning Call, The Jersey Journal, and the online editions of The Arizona Republic and The Florida Times Union."Girls & Sports" even became a hit in Stars and Stripes, the newspaper distributed to the U.S. military worldwide. Since 2004, "Girls & Sports" has appeared in over 300 print and online publications worldwide.

In recognition of Justin and Andrew's efforts in self-syndication, "Girls & Sports" is now distributed by Creators Syndicate and the strip continues to reach new readers every day. In addition to the comic strip, Bradley and Marshall can now be found in their first published book Opening Lines, Pinky Probes, and L-Bombs: The Girls & Sports Dating and Relationship Playbook, published by Santa Monica Press and available on Amazon.com and in bookstores everywhere.

Recently, "Girls & Sports" came to life in a series of animated short cartoons broadcasted weekly on Fox Sports Net's flagship late night talk show THE BEST DAMN SPORTS SHOW PERIOD and is being syndicated daily on ESPN.com's Page 2.